by ενυπνιαστής

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ενυπνιαστής is a two-piece band based in Philadelphia, PA. Exclusively on Virtua94, their debut EP "dreamscapes" is a soundscape inspired by the experience of fading into, out of and in between dreams. Bringing a sea of sound and genres at multitude aimed towards a diverse audience, we offer this 100% original music, free to download. Enjoy, and as always thanks for tuning in.


released June 19, 2018


all rights reserved



V I R T U A 94 Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A virtual net art and music collective founded by Mr. Hideyoshi and Toadofsky

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Track Name: sleep
sleeping life away
living Dream to Dream
recalling subconscious Memories
last connections to a life less vivid

let me sleep
another day
let me rest
and my life wane into sleep

sleeping life away
i'll sleep it all away
i'll sleep it all away
i'll dream it all away

sleeping life away
covering my tomorrow
hazing through the day
senses sharpened only by Dream

let me go
Track Name: garage rock kids fly
Humming vituperative against this stupid
Confused butterfly on the highway
Fluttering into truck’s vortexes
Caught at the nexus of nonexistence
And the random breath of life

You’re gonna fly

These masses move fast
The driver’d be aghast if they knew
How much trouble you were in
Torn at the seams like a lonely boy’s dreams
Torn apart by the winds

Your gonna fly

Can’t get up can’t get out can’t awaken
Off this painted asphalt, deathbed
Whiskey dreams are as exactly’d they seem
For this nectar drunken lepidopteran kaleidoscope
A racing absurdity, flying on, flung on by!
This life or any other,
But giant black splatters on icy windshields mean nothing
In this road-riding day dream.
Track Name: slimmer
Never lasting thoughts

For you
For you

I'll never ever
Think to think
Of anyone, but who?
Not you

"I don't care" you'll say
Lost from my mind
You're fine
I'm fine

I'll never, ever
Think to think
Of anyone, but who?
Not you

Losing my mind,
But with what I can find
I think,
For who?
Not you

For who?
Not you.
Track Name: workable
springish with the smell of rain coming or leaving,
bright enough to reap the benefits of the day,
cloudy too, so i may open my eyes,
to soak in the moisture in the clear air,
and the rare light of these untroubled times;
all together the pleasance and comfort
of calming march afternoons.
surrounded still by the icy breath of winter,
this small break in the tone of the new year,
awakens nostalgia
For a perfectly aristotelian mean.
Track Name: sponge
Middle of the night been thinking been thinking
Walking down the street been thinking ‘bout leaving
I’d rather be alone
I’d rather on the road
Thinkin’ bout your eyes they glisten they glisten
The stars in the night they’re shining they’re shining
Up behind the clouds they’re hiding they’re hiding
I don’t even know
Maybe I should be alone
I don’t even know if I want to see her

See the blue skies in the distance
I’m going going gone
Don’t know where I’m headed
But I’ll be there by dawn
And I’ll never look back to this shit place
To that shit world and its shit face
And the grass is greener on the other side
I found my hope it’s in the road
Track Name: message machines
Please, oh baby, please
Come back to me,
I can’t make it through the night
Without you by my side.
I miss your loving touch on my face
When the day is through.
I love the way you move.
I see your smiles in my dreams,
And your shining eyes in my sleep...
Please pick up the phone,
I’m here alone.
I’m here alone.

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